• NXT-200 - High Pressure Nozzle

We are Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter of High Pressure Nozzle, Nozzle, Selectable Flow Nozzle, Normal Pressure Water Nozzle, Quadrajet – Selectable Flow Nozzle, NXT-200 – High Pressure Nozzle and our setup is situated at Kolhapur, Maharashtra, India

Key Features

Firefly Fire Pumpshas developed second generation NXT-200 high pressure gun taking in to consideration the difficulties encountered in combating Indoor fire operations, incipient fires and forest fires. NXT-200 is advisedly designed so that fireman can rely completely on his equipments. The gun has proven its capability to achieve optimum extinguishing effects. It is extremely handy and user friendly.

We strongly recommended NXT-200 gun in combination with Firefly Fire Pumps MP series fire pumps or any high pressure technology fire pump.

In practical terms NXT-200 consumes very little water during the operations and the micro-droplets evaporate completely and thus extract a maximum heat from the fire. Due to this; massive cooling effect are achieved. This cooling effect has two advantages; it cools the object on fire immediately and also saves the fireman from radiant heat from the fire, over & above it also saves the property being damaged due to heavy throw of water.

  • Specification Sheet
      Performance Data :
      Flow Rate : - 100 to 120 lpm @ 40 bar
      Throwing Range : - 22 to 25 meters*
      Throwing Height : - 20 to 22 meters*
      Foam Output : - up to 2.9 meter3 / min
      Inlet Connection : - 3/4" BSP Rotary Coupling.
      Adjustable jet to four operational conditions : -
      i) Full Jet ii) 30° narrow spray iii) 60° wide spray iv) 120° self protection water shield
      Net Weight : - 3.8 kg approx
      Extra Attachment : - Foam making barrel
       Overall Dimensions :
      540 mm
      80 mm
      350 mm
      21.3 inches
      3.15 inches
      13.7 inches
      * Under ideal test conditions.
      * The right of technical modifications & improvement without prior notice is reserved.
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