Skid Mounted Fire Pumps

We are Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter of Skid Mounted Fire Pumps, Fire Fighting Pumps and our setup is situated at Kolhapur, Maharashtra, India

Key Features

The Firefly Fire Pumps skid mounted fire pumps are self contained fire pump driven by a close coupled diesel engine and mounted on a heavy duty base for fixed installation. The complete unit is designed for extended fire pump duty, and every consideration has been given to ease of operation and servicing. The pump and engine combination is supported on anti-vibration mounts to cut down noise and vibration.

  • Specification Sheet
      Performance Data :
       1. ENGINE:

      The pump is driven by a close coupled TATA 497 Diesel Engine or equivalent engine.

      The engine is supplied complete with:
      Alternator Radiator Starter motor
      12 Volts Battery Oil filter Fuel filter
      Air cleaner Cooling fan Exhaust silencer
      Heat Exchanger
      Fuel tank of 65 liters capacity for more than 5 hours running as standard.
      2. PUMP :
      Rated Performance: -
      Discharge (lpm)
      Pressure (bar)
      Power kw / hp
      45 / 60
      • Maximum Flow - 2400 LPM
      • Maximum Pressure - 10 bar
      *The Performance data stated above is observed at test conditions
      (3.0 meters suction lift at NTP conditions)
      *For capacities other than stated above, please contact technical department.
      Suction Inlet : - 100 mm
      Priming: - Exhaust Primer (*'Primatic' Reciprocating Priming System is optional)
      Priming Performance Range : - 0 to 7.0 meters
      Recommended Priming Speed:- 2000 rpm
      Discharge Couplings: - 2 x 2.5” instantaneous screw down delivery outlets.
      The shaft is supported by two sealed ball bearings. Shaft sealing is by the well known Firefly automatic mechanical seal incorporating a carbon seal running on a stainless steel counter face. The mechanical seal is pre-loaded and requires no maintenance or attention during its life.
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